Nobody is running a business without facing the challenge of goal execution. Your overall business goals or strategy need to be turned to action. If an organization can’t execute, nothing else matters—not the smartest strategy, not the most innovative business model, not even game-changing technology. KeyFocus is the solution that align people, organisation and strategies for a better way to action.




  • Why plans and strategies fail

    There is a lot of wasted time invested in the plans and strategies. “No follow up takes place” is the frequent response I get when I talk with people about ...
  • Improved strategy map

    Together with customers we have now strengthened and expanded our functionalities for visualizing strategy and overall goals. In addition to a more classic view based on the concept of Balanced ...
  • R&D

    We are now halfway through our three-year R & D efforts approved by the Research Council. The project focuses primarily on the resource management in complex organizations. Efforts progress according ...
  • InMente Ressurs and KeepFocus merge to KeyFocus AS

    InMente Ressurs AS and KeepFocus AS merge the activities related to performance management to the new company KeyFocus AS. – By doing this, we optimize our services so that our existing and ...

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A better way from strategy to action


The question is not whether you need targets in order to run your business, but how you will achieve quality goal execution in practice. It is all about operational management, power to boost the business and generate results.

With a flexible and visual solution it becomes easier to exercise leadership and identify the better way to reaching your goals. A solution that provides:

  • Visualisation of strategic options and primary goals for accurate communication, solid rooting and continual follow-up.
  • A simpler way of ensuring that primary goals translate into clear operational initiatives that are aligned across all levels and units.
  • A single location for follow-up, guidance and reassignment of priorities gives you a road map that is always up-to-date and reliable.
  • Skills management rooted in strategies and objectives. KeyFocus has a selection of support tools that make it practically possible.

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